About Your Health Exercise Physiology

Exercise Physilogy - assessmentYour Health Exercise Physiololgy is a Brisbane based business located in The Gap that specialises in the provision and management of evidence based exercise interventions for:

General health, fitness, and well-being

Chronic and complex medical conditions

Depending on your individual circumstances your exercise program may be a combination of home, gym or pool based exercises.

Your Health Exercise Physiology is owned and operated by Michael Bellett. Michael graduated in 2006 from the Human Movement Studies degree at the University of Queensland with First Class Honours.


General Health and Wellbeing

YHEP Studio - 46 Kaloma Rd The Gap BrisbaneIf you have been thinking about getting into shape or feel you need to do something to improve your health and fitness its time to stop thinking and start acting. Make the first step and give me a call on Ph: 0401 366 713, email me at michael@yhep.com.au or book a consultation online.




Chronic and Complex medical conditionsExercise prescription for chronic disease

Evidence now clearly shows us that a lack of physical activity is one of the largest modifiable risk factors for a variety of preventable diseases/conditions, including: Type II diabetes; Hypertension; Cardiovascular Disease; Obesity; Osteoporosis; Arthritis Some types of cancer; Chronic back pain, and many more.

Medicare rebates may be available for individuals with chronic medical conditions. However, your eligibility for Exercise Physiology services under Medicare is at the discretion of your GP and a referral is required. All medicare and DVA sessions are bulk billed so there is no out of pocket expense. In addition many Private Health Insurers also offer rebates on Exercise Physiology services.